About Us

Hi, I'm Eva

Founder of Second Chance Heroes Rat Adoptions

I have been a rat guardian for over 15 years and have had the pleasure of sharing my home with many rats! My rats have been my friends, my family, and the joy of my life. My rats were my heroes, and it was my dream to help others find their heroes, while simultaneously being their hero by adopting! So far, we have placed nearly 400 heroes in loving homes.


I saw a great need for a rat-specific rescue in the Richmond area and thought "well, why not me?" I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a focus on Animal Behavior and Communication, and a Master's Degree in Anthrozoology, the study of human-animal relationships. I tailored my education to learn about how rats experience the world, and have worked in animal sheltering for many years, which was the perfect combination to create Second Chance Heroes. 


I am so happy you are here. Thank you for your love of rats.